About us



Based in Taiwan,Tian Cherng Packing Machinery Corporation is a well-experienced manufacturer of world class sealing and packaging machine.

Founded in 1985,Tian Cherng's main products includes Carton Sealers、Carton Erectors、Wrapping Machine、Strapping Machine、Sealing and Shrink Machine、Bagging with Sealing Machine、Weighing Sealing Machine、Counting Weighing with Sealing Machine 、Vacuum Machine、Lifting Arm、come with Automatic System and Robot to achieve Fully Auto Packing System.

Tian Cherng principle is stress on Quality ,Technolgy,Service and Innovation .Tian Cherng is certified by CEISO 9001 which ensures the safety standard and environment friendly for all users. Persistent development of packaging solutions and optimum quality brings you high level of reliability in maximizing your packaging experience.

Tian Cherng strives to meet the needs of customers.The company welcomes all forms of cooperation ,including OEM and ODM partnerships.

Do you want to increase your company's overall productivity and reduce packaging costs? Of course you do! Contact "TianCherng" now to find your packaging solution and let our experience and diverse packaging solutions help you boost your production. With our exceptional materials and workmanship in our products ,your company's productivity will surely boost your success.

Our sincerity and hard work have helped us to match the quality of our Packing Machine with international standards.

Main Products

Carton SealerCarton Bottom Sealer、Carton Erector、Wrapping MachineStrapping Machine、Bagging 、Counting 、Weighing with Sealing Machine、Seal and Shrink Machine、Packaging Machine